Our Charitable Donation

A B Medical Services (UK) Ltd are pleased to have chosen to support and donate to the Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund.

For over 30 years, the Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund have worked tirelessly to make a positive difference to children diagnosed with cancer and their families.

The vision of Lennox Children’s Cancer Charity fund is for every family that has a child diagnosed with childhood cancer to know they are not alone, and that Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund are here to support them throughout the challenging and difficult road ahead.

A Star for A Star
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The charity’s main objective is to support the entire family during their child’s cancer journey, from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. The Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund is dedicated to working directly with families, acknowledging that each family’s cancer journey is different, and providing services tailored to suit those needs through emotional, financial, and practical support.

The Charity recognises that families may struggle to adjust to their ‘new normal’ after treatment, and the charity supports in bridging the gap that is left after the safety net of treatment is removed or following the bereavement of a child.

A Star for A Star Campaign

This September for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, in partnership with CIBC, The Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund has exhibitions planned at high footfall shopping centres across the Southeast. A B Medical Services (UK) Ltd are proud to have sponsored a Star for A Star, this is displayed at Bluewater Shopping Centre in Dartford, Kent.

Many businesses across the UK, from butchers to banks, builders to barbers, have got involved by sponsoring stars to appear at our venues. Their generosity and funds donated will allow us to continue with our vital Care and Crisis Grants scheme.

We also have online experiences that showcase these stars and beautifully tell the stories of our families who have children who have been recently diagnosed with cancer.


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