Why You Need Medics for Your Next Event: Event Medical Cover  – A Comprehensive Guide

Planning a successful event takes time and expertise, but one of the most important steps is selecting the right medical team. With this guide, you’ll learn all the essential tips for finding and booking reliable, experienced medical services that will provide reliable care for everyone at your event.

Lets start with the factors you need to consider – 

Determine the size of your event and the expected number of attendees.

Before you begin, it’s essential to determine the size of your event, as well as the expected number of attendees. This information will help you determine what type of medical services might be necessary and how many medical staff you require. The HSE Purple Guide is a good source of information, but remember, this is only a guide – nothing will substitute for an experienced Care Quality Commission registered providers recommendation, which may be more than this guide suggests. For example, if it’s a small event with 50 or fewer attendees, basic first aid services might suffice. However, depending on the nature and activities planned for the event and its location etc, you may well need an event medical service which may include Paramedics, Doctors, EMTS etc or Advanced Life Support Care, Medications or Ambulances and field hospitals. 

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Select qualified medical professionals and a Care Quality Commission Regulated Provider for your event.

Finding the right medical team for your event is critical to ensure that everyone’s health and safety is taken care of. Start by researching different medical companies in your area and contact them to discuss their qualifications, experience, insurance credentials, and other important information about the services they offer. Look for professionals who specialise in events, such as on-site emergency responders, EMTs and HCPC Registered Paramedics with experience providing first aid and Event Medical Cover for large festivals or concerts. Ask for references / Testimonials and ensure the Company is bona fide and properly certified to handle your unique event needs. Always use Care Quality Commission Registered Providers

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Care Quality Commission – Do you know what it is?

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and social care services in England. The CQC make sure that the care people receive meets essential standards of quality and safety and they encourage ongoing improvements by those who provide or commission care. The CQCis an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department of Health and Social Care.

In relation to Event Medical Providers, under the Health and Social Care Act 2008, any company providing anything more than a basic first aider or any provider that offers transport, uses ambulances / response cars or administers drugs or utilises healthcare professionals in the course of their duties, must be registered. If the providers are not registered, they are operating illegally.

A B Medical Services (UK) Limited are Care Quality Commission, NHS Digital, Prompt Payment Code, Ofcom, ICO, 1St Option Safety and AoFA registered and only use Paramedics that are HCPC registered, Nurses that are NMC registered and Doctors that are GMC registered.

Organisers of care should always insist on viewing CQC registration certificates and insurance documents to ensure that providers are operating legally. Any reputable company will provide these on request and Organisers should vet all companies to ensure they are registered and using bona fide staff.

The CQC holds and updates a list of approved and registered providers that can be searched on their website (https://www.cqc.org.uk).

A B Medical Services (UK) Limited is licensed, regulated and rated “GOOD” by the Care Quality Commission to carry out the following regulated activities

  • Treatment of Disease, Disorder or Injury
  • Transport Services, Triage & Medical Advice provided remotely

Care Quality Commission provider ID: 1-1751149329

The Care Quality Commission regularly inspect and evaluate providers. They use the Key Lines of Enquiry and the five main questions that the CQC ask of any service, private or NHS aid in their assessment and service rating.

These five main questions are:

  • Is it safe?
  • Is it effective?
  • Is it caring?
  • Is it responsive to people’s needs?
  • Is it well led?
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Outline what type of medical services you require (paramedics, transport, emergency medical services, first aid, etc.)

When selecting a medical team for your event, you need to be clear about the type of services you are looking for, such as emergency medical services, basic first aid, or more specialised medical support. You should also outline if any special equipment is needed and how many medical personnel will be required based on the size and duration of the event. Develop a comprehensive plan that includes safety protocol and guidelines that everyone involved on the medical team must follow. Make sure they are prepared to handle basic medical emergencies such as wounds, headaches, or stomach-aches to more serious issues like seizures, cardiac events, or major incidents. Remember a professional Event Medical Company will provide you with a Risk assessment and a full event Medical Plan and liaise with the SAG / attend SAG meetings.

Provide necessary information to the medical staff / Provider prior to the event

To ensure your medical provider is prepared to respond promptly and effectively to all medical events, provide them with a detailed event overview including risk assessments, emergency exits and major incident plans, numbers of participants and volunteers, documentation of evacuation equipment and other safety procedures. Additionally, provide any previous event patient data and an outline of the event agenda along with specific medical procedures that could be encountered during the event. Doing this will ensure that the company can fully assess your event and ensure that you are provided with adequate and safe event medical and first aid cover that suits the individual needs of your event.


Are you CQC Registered?

A B Medical Services (UK) Limited is licensed, regulated and rated “GOOD” by the Care Quality Commission to carry out the following regulated activities

  • Treatment of Disease, Disorder or Injury
  • Transport Services, Triage & Medical Advice provided remotely

Care Quality Commission provider ID: 1-1751149329

Can you offer a Range of Medical staff?

We can provide a wide range of medical professionals, some of these are listed below

  • Independent Prescribing Practitioners
  • Emergency Care Practitioners / Advanced Clinical Practitioners
  • Paramedic Practitioners
  • HCPC Registered Paramedics
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Medical Response Teams
  • Operational Commanders
  • First Responders / FREC / ECA / ACA Staff
  • First Aiders
  • Full Advanced Life Support and Trauma Teams with the latest cutting-edge medical equipment and extensive medications
    • GMC Doctors
    • NMC Nurses
    • MNC Midwife
    • Operating Department Practitioners
    • Physiotherapists
    • Medical Managers
    • Team Leaders
    • Welfare Officers
    • Administrators
    • Controllers
    • Emergency Dispatchers
    What Ambulance Services can you offer to my Event ?
    • Full CQC Urgent Care Services
    • Full CQC Emergency Ambulance Services
    • Emergency Ambulances
    • Emergency Rapid Response Vehicles
    • Cycle Responders
    • 4×4 Response Services
    • Static Medical Posts with – (Staff who are experienced in large scale public events)
    • Medical Response Teams
    • Fully Staffed Treatment centres / Field Hospitals
    • Mobile Treatment Units
    Whats on your Ambulances and Response Vehicles ?

    All our vehicles are equipped with the following:

    • Advanced 12 lead ECG monitors (with printing capability, ETCO2, SPO2, BP, Pacing, Cardioversion)
    • Manual and Automated Defibrillators
    • Advanced Life Support kit (Adult and Paediatric)
    • Advanced Airway Kit
    • IV Therapy and cannulation Kit
    • Maternity Kit
    • Burns Kit
    • Dressings Kit
    • Trauma Kit
    • Medical Gases
    • Infection control kits
    • Extensive Medications to the Clinician’s role
    • Splints, Collars, and Immobilisation kit
    • Airway Suction Devices
    • LUCAS CPR Devices (on patient conveying vehicles)
    • EZIO (Intraosseous access kit)
    • Worldwide communications
    • Manual Handling kit
    • Major Incident Command Kit
    • 12v & 240v supplies
    • Ventilators 
    Why choose us? Leading in Digital Innovation

    We believe in innovation and advancement in our field. We have the latest cutting-edge medical equipment such as Lifepak 15 patient monitors, EZ-IO and LUCAS CPR devices. All our teams and vehicles have worldwide GPS tracking radio communications systems meaning that we are always in contact. We utilise digital dispatch systems, like those of the NHS, to effectively manage our resources at your events, enabling us to provide enhanced levels of care to those who need it most. We have electronic patient records systems in place, which not only reduces our carbon footprint, but also provides event organisers and controllers with Realtime data on patient statistics and resource availability

    What are your company values?

    We run our service using the “SAFER” values and these are at the heart of everything we do. We accomplish this with an inclusive team who put our service users’ needs first

    • Safe
    • Approachable
    • Friendly
    • Efficient
    • Responsive
    What are your Company Registration Details?
    UK Company Number           08790719
    CQC Registration Number    1-1228750455
    ICO Regisration Number       ZA030863
    UK VAT Number                       GB267 124 602 
    CQC inspected and rated good