There are a variety of long-distance medical transport options that provide domestic and international air and road transfers. Each of them varies in the level of patient care required as well as cost and duration. In this article, we briefly explain what medical repatriation and medical escort services are capable of offering patients.

Medical Escort Services on airlines

What is Medical Repatriation?

Medical repatriation and medevac air transport is the safe transfer of a patient to back to their country of origin for medical treatment after a medical evacuation and/or in situations where an individual has suffered a medical emergency or illness outside their home country.

Repatriation by Air

The most direct and convenient method which can often be arranged within hours, this service supports a wide range of medical conditions from intensive care to acute and long-term illness and serious accidents. Repatriation is often achieved through the use of Air ambulance services which are equipped with a highly trained medical team, and equipment to provide multiple levels of medical care.

Chartered air ambulance services for private families, individuals, and insurance companies play a vital role in many critical, life-threatening, and emergency events and are often recommended for people who are too ill or injured to endure commercial flights.

Repatriation by Road

For patients who require transfer Nationally or from European countries, and is some cases, may not require immediate emergency care, repatriation by road is the best method in the event that air ambulance transfer is not suitable.  Road ambulances can take patients long distances and are equipped with advanced mattresses, equipment and a medical team that can keep patients comfortable over many, often thousands of kilometres.

Medical Escort Services

What is a Medical Escort?

A commercial medical escort service is recommended for people who are often mobile enough to get around by themselves. While not an emergency, these individuals may require additional assistance for

  • Disease or Illness
  • Injuries
  • Chemotherapy
  • Transplants
  • Heavily pregnant
  • Special Needs

Once a patient has been assessed and cleared for medical escort transport, all of the details including; arranging a commercial flight, acquiring flight tickets, arranging ground transportation, and completing the necessary paperwork with the airline company will be coordinated and arranged.

The patient will be accompanied by a skilled medical crew member such as Registered Paramedic, Nurse or Flight Technician who have been trained for altitude medical treatment. For patients who meet airline minimum requirements, airline medical escort is the safest, quickest and most cost-efficient way to transfer patients that have limited medical needs.

By using commercial scheduled airline travel, we can offer patients the option of fully lay flat beds for the majority of the transfer. This also offers the much-needed privacy in smaller, discreet, comfortable and more personal cabins with premium airline partners.


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