Medical Escort & Repatriation Services

A  B Medical Services (UK) Limited are able to provide Healthcare Professionals for patients who face the unforeseen situation of falling ill or becoming injured abroad, our medical repatriation service provides the much-needed reassurance and service required to individuals, companies and the insurance industries alike.

Our Aviation division can also accommodate urgent organ and tissue transport by air around the UK and Europe.

We can provide medical staff with flight approved kit to repatriate a patient from around the world back to the UK. Our medical repatriation service is more suited to patients that can sit in a regular seat or in flat bed type configuration usually found in business or first class cabins, however, we can assist on private and chartered flights.

A B Medical Services (UK) Limited will take care of the full itinerary from booking to pre-departure assessment and onward travel back in the UK.

We can offer the following services: –

  • Medical Escorts on scheduled commercial flights
  • Administration of fitness to fly certificates
  • Remote medical assessment prior to repatriation
  • Ongoing treatment and care throughout the flight
  • Airline medical clearance forms completed and submitted on behalf of the patient
  • Onward ground transport back in the UK to any address / Hosptial
  • Personal medical escort service
  • A range of staff that can deal with the patient’s specific needs (Flight Medics / Nurse / Doctor / Paramedics)
  • Flight approved medical kit
  • Urgent organ and tissue transport by air around the UK and Europe.
  • Private jet charter for repatriation including ITU Air Ambulance services

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