A B Medical Services offers an all-inclusive medical provision service that covers all your medical needs with experienced, professional and motivated staff.

Please click here to find our more about the grades of staff that A B Medical Services supply.

We can also provide medical staff for use in a treatment centre or in a fully equipped response vehicle or ambulance to cover wider areas and all our vehicles are GPS tracked.

Medical tents and cycle response units are also available on request.

Upon receiving your booking form, A B Medical Services will complete a risk assessment based on the information provided and give you a final quote for our services. If you choose to accept our offer, you will receive a full operational plan, which outlines all our services and operational duties with you whist covering your event.

The all-inclusive quote you receive will cover the staff, insurance, medical equipment and all consumables. This allows you to rest assured that for a set amount, you will receive an all-inclusive service with experienced staff and a well-equipped and capable company.

Each event/club will have a medical team leader; this will enable you to rest assured that the medical team will be managed by an experienced member of staff which allows you to have a single point of contact for a smooth problem free event.

Please contact us for a tailored quote and to discuss your needs.

Urgent & Community Care Services

A B Medical Service can provide locum staff to help other services and NHS trusts or to care homes / community care providers to assist in the assessment, care and treatment of their patients. Our services can help to reduce hospital attendances and offer a cost effective option in relation to care and treatment in…

Medical Repatriation & Aviation Services

A  B Medical Services (UK) Limited are able to provide Healthcare Professionals for patients who face the unforeseen situation of falling ill or becoming injured abroad, our medical repatriation service provides the much-needed reassurance and service required to individuals, companies and the insurance industries alike. Our Aviation division can also accommodate urgent organ and tissue transport by…

Medical Major Incident Management

Major Incident Declared !!!! Did you know that clients and organisers have a duty in relation to Major Incidents, their planning and running? A B Medical Services (UK) Limited can provide advanced MIMMS practitioners to our clients event, meaning, in the event of a major incident, Our staff or scene commanders will take charge until…

Trauma Services

A B Medical Services (UK) Limited can supply PHTLS practitioners for frontline and event cover. These staff have additional training and exposure to the following * Injury Prevention* The Science and Art of Prehospital Care* Kinematics of Trauma* Scene Assessment* Patient Assessment and Management* Airway and Ventilation* Shock* Head Trauma* Spinal Trauma* Thoracic Trauma* Abdominal…

Pre-Hospital Services / A & E Support

A B Medical Services offers a frontline ambulance service with a fully kitted and maintained fleet. We can also supply 999 frontline trained and NHS experienced HCPC Registered Paramedics, IHCD Technicians & IHCD FPOS staff to other medical providers to help meet the demands of their pre-hospital service provision. We can supply medical staff for…

On-Location, Production, Film & TV Medical First Aid Cover

We have extensive production and film / TV industry experience and have provided medical first aid cover to some of the worlds biggest production companies including the BBC, CBBC, ITV, Channel 4, Film 4 and MTV. Our portfolio includes working on feature films, TV shows / series, Commercials and stunts involving fire and SFX.  Our…

Cycle Events Medical Cover

We have ongoing contracts to support cycle events and we have extensive experience covering over 200 cycle events a year.

Photo Shoot First Aid Cover

Although these are lower risk, we have provided photo shoot first aid cover for many customers where stunts are performed or were children are present. Some of our clients include: Tesco, Sainsbury’s Kiddiecare Morrison’s Sea Life Centres Some of the big High Street retailers

Nightclubs Medical First Aid Cover

Nightclubs can be challenging and busy environments to work in. A B Medical Services can provide staff that have experience providing first aid support and medical cover in nightclubs and licensed premises which will reduce the strain on the NHS Ambulance Service. Our staff have worked in some of the main clubs in central London…

Any Requirement for Medical Support

We can tailor our service to your needs. We can assist with any project or event so please get in touch to discuss your needs and allow A B Medical Services to cover all your event medical needs. 

Festivals, Performances, Music & Community Events

Whether your event is a small performance or a full carnival, A B Medical Services can provide medical support. We can supply the following resources: Emergency vehicles (Rapid Response Cars and Ambulances), Static Medical Posts with Medical Response Teams – (Staff who are experienced in large scale public events) Fully Staffed Treatment centres Event Controllers Team…

Sports and Running Events

At A B Medical Services, we pride ourself in offering an all inclusive service that meets the demands of our clients sporting events, no matter how big or small. We have on-going contracts to provide medical staff and support to many sporting events throughout the South East. Our portfolio includes the following activities:  2k, 5k…