Care Quality Commission – Did you know what it is?

Did you know that Providers of Medical, Ambulance & Urgent Care Services in England must be Care Quality Commission registered?

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health and social care services in England. The CQC make sure that the care people receive meets essential standards of quality and safety and they encourage ongoing improvements by those who provide or commission care.

In relation to Event Medical Providers, under the Health and Social Care Act 2008, any company providing anything more than a basic first aider or any provider that offers transport, uses ambulances / response cars or administers drugs or utilises healthcare professionals in the course of their duties, must be registered. If the providers are not registered, they are operating illegally.

A B Medical Services (UK) Limited are Care Quality Commission, Ofcom, ICO, 1St Option Safety and AoFA registered and only use Paramedics that are HCPC registered, Nurses that are NMC registered and Doctors that are GMC registered.

Organisers of care should always insist on viewing CQC registration certificates and insurance documents to ensure that providers are operating legally. Any reputable company will provide these on request and Organisers should vet all companies to ensure they are registered and using bona fide staff.

The CQC holds and updates a list of approved and registered providers that can be searched on their website (

A B Medical Services (UK) Limited is licensed, regulated and rated “GOOD” by the Care Quality Commission to carry out the following regulated activities

  • Treatment of Disease, Disorder or Injury
  • Transport Services, Triage & Medical Advice provided remotely

Care Quality Commission provider ID: 1-1751149329


A B Medical Services (UK) Limited are vetted and approved by 1st Option Safety for the quality of our Management team and our exceptional Health & Safety practices for the Film, TV and Production industries.

Care Quality Commission registered